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Caste Certificate Format

What is a Caste Certificate?

A caste certificate is a paperwork that proves the original caste of the respective individual. A caste certificate is important especially for the “reserved category” people to prove their candidature, whenever required. The reservation was started by the Government of India as a part of the “Indian System of Protective Discrimination” to encourage and give some special privileges to this category of the populace. Please refer BYJU’S CAT College Predictor tool.

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Why is the Certificate Required?

The Government has allowed some special privileges to the “special category” people by waiving of admission fees (part of or full), providing quotas in various institutes, relaxing the age limits for certain job applications, etc. So, to avail these privileges, the applicants must provide a proof of their “category” in support of their candidature. Thus, the caste certificate is important to prove the original caste of the individuals to avail the entitlements.

How to Avail the Caste Certificate?

The caste certificate can be taken either online or from the local office of the Revenue department or SDM office. For the first time issuance of the caste certificate to a particular family, a local enquiry is conducted before issuing the certificate. Here are the documents required at the time of application:

  • State Residence proof for a specified period
  • Specified court stamp fee, and
  • An affidavit in support for caste.

The caste certificate must be uploaded in the prescribed format of the respective institute where it needs to be submitted or uploaded. For CAT exam, the candidates should upload the caste certificate signed by the competent authority while uploading other documents.

Here a caste certificate format is given for reference:

Caste Certificate Format

It should be noted that the caste certificate shall not be carried during the exam, but the same is mandatory to carry during the interview process to prove the candidature of the respective candidates.

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