CAT 2022 Success Mantra – Byju Raveendran

For all the CAT aspirants, here are a few key tips that can be considered as the success mantra to crack CAT one of the toughest entrance exams. Byju Raveendran, a hundred percentile scorer, also shares his experience and how to crack the CAT exam.

Below are the few key points that one should keep in mind and take as a mantra to crack not only CAT 2022 exam but any exam.

  • Plan your timetable, prepare accordingly and execute timely
  • Byju Raveendran believes that preparation for any exams calls for the qualitative amount of time spent on it and not the quantitative.
  • Compete with yourself and don’t compare with others to win in the competition
  • Enjoy what you are doing
  • Don’t worry about what you don’t know instead be confident of what you know
  • Always remember, no one is comfortable with all the topics but make sure you are happy with the effort you put in
  • Learn simple, shortcut techniques and strategies as this will help you crack any question, no matter how difficult they are

Know your strengths and weaknesses

Before starting your preparation for CAT make a note of your strengths and weaknesses in the aspect of the test, for example, you may be strong in physics, chemistry and weak in Maths. Once you mark down your weaknesses you can turn them into strengths from the exam point of view and do so, it is advised to take as many mock tests for CAT as possible until you improve.

CAT 2022 Exam

Practice Hard

It is advised to practice hard as only learning chapters is not going to lead you anywhere and moreover, final exam calls for answering questions, hence it is better to practice until you become perfect.

Beyond Studies

Preparing for CAT doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all your likes or your routine life. Though your CAT timetable demands most of your time in studies it is always suggested to exercise and keep your mind and body calm.

Special Tips

  • Pick a chapter in which you are weak and the one that is important from the exam point of view.
  • If you don’t have enough time to pick the chapter that is important in an exam standpoint then practice the chapter in which you are comfortable
  • Give priority to important chapters
  • Don’t start with new chapters when the exam is approaching as it will create a lot of stress and you may tend to lose confidence about chapters that you are comfortable with

When the D-Day comes, don’t panic thinking about what you don’t know instead be confident of things you know and above all enjoy what you are doing.