How To Prepare For CAT In Two Months

Whether you are in your final year of graduation or a working professional, time doesn’t wait for anyone. As 2 months are left to prepare for the examination, using time optimally should be in the mind of every aspirant now. You must have practised a lot of questions already and now is the time to gear up for the exam in these two months. The importance of this period cannot be stressed enough as this period differentiates an extraordinary preparation and an average preparation. Here are some you need to follow to ace the CAT exam easily.

2 Months Preparation Strategy For CAT 2022

• Take tests in look-alike conditions:

If you are planning to appear in CAT 2022, then it is time for you to start preparing for the same in an environment that will closely reflect the environment in which you are going to appear for the test. Many free CAT preparation sites provide mock tests that are computer-based and include a timer. Also, don’t allow any distractions while taking the tests.

• Mentors:

Mentors play a role in shadowing the experiences they faced when they prepared for the examination. You will get an insight into the exam and the correct ways to act for the examination. This will help in reducing the feeling of isolation and will make you feel that there were people fighting the same battle and have won. The perspective and vision will help stick to the same and this will definitely have an effect on your performance.

• Daily habits:

These two months are very important, hence you must do the things that will help you prepare for the examination indirectly. Practising word building app – playing scrabble or word games will help you build the vocabulary required for the test. Put your mind to the test with everything you are coming across. If you are buying anything then do maths in your mind. Stop using calculators and try computing daily calculations mentally. Even though CAT has allowed the use of on-screen calculators, experts strongly recommend not to use the calculator as it will slow your speed to solve the questions.

How To Prepare For CAT In Two Months

• Read books for verbal:

Reading habit is a must for your comprehension and critical reasoning skills. Reading a variety of genres will always help you to adapt to the surprises the examination throws in the reading comprehension section. A minimum of three reading comprehension passages is going to appear in the test. So, reading will help to improve the speed and efficiency to solve the RC questions.

• Stay Motivated:

As per the CAT toppers over the years, one major point of advice is to know the weak areas more than the topics where you are strong. The key is to stay motivated and not get bogged down by the fact that you are weak in those areas. Instead, work on them and prepare with different approaches.

Set the goals that you want to achieve in the long and short run. Break them into pieces and work for them with commitment and determination. More importantly, learn for your life and not only for the entrance test. The CAT tests the general ability of future managers. CAT is not the kind of test that is to be taken and forgotten. Time management, critical reasoning, how good are you with numbers and words, how logically you make decisions in the minimum time, are all tested in the exam. Hence, CAT preparation should be done keeping the mind and focus on the goal.

• Take lots of practise tests and Evaluate:

The most important work, for now, is to gear up for the preparation by taking at least three CAT mock tests a week. Evaluating your mocks are equally very important and should be done after each mock. Mock tests help you arm with the similar pattern that CAT has. Although CAT is known for the surprises it throws at the candidates with the change in the pattern every year, CAT aspirants should be aware of the possibility of changes and prepare accordingly. Mock tests act as an important weapon in the process.

With two months left for the exam, use the tips above and make use of your precious time the right way. To get a completely personalized preparation experience for CAT 2022, download the app from the play store or the app store.