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Idioms and Phrases for CAT Verbal Ability Section

What is an idiom?

Idioms are the phrases or groups of words often used in the exchange of a cultural connotation and differ from the literal meaning of the group of words. For example – if one is saying to let the cat out of the bag then it means that the secret is out – while the literal meaning of the phrase is something else. If clearly understood, then learning idioms and phrases can be fun. Students who are preparing for CAT will find the list very useful for their test as a lot of related questions are asked in the Verbal Ability section of the exam.

Another way to improve the use of idioms and phrases is to have a proper habit for Reading Comprehension.

Idioms and Phrases:

Every English language word has a history attached to them. English is a language that got its wings from many other languages like Latin, French, Spanish, Greece, Arabian. One can easily find many words with the origin of these languages attached to them.

In a different discussion, candidates must see how root words and word maps can help increase their vocabulary. Idioms and phrases kind of questions appear in the CAT exam in the verbal ability section. Although the percentage of idioms and phrases cannot be determined, this type of question also plays a major role in developing critical reasoning of the candidate as it involves understanding the context of the idiom and phrase.

Here are some of the examples of idioms and phrases idioms for the CAT exam candidates to acquaint them with the topic.

  • Pot Luck dinner:

Pot luck dinner is a dinner party in which all guests bring food and is shared among all other members of the party. We can connect this with kitty parties in a locality.

  • Carrot and Stick:

“Carrot and stick” refer to the approach adopted by institutions that measure the results of someone by punishing someone for failure and rewards if successful.

  • Cutting their teeth on: 

When someone is “cutting their teeth on” – then they trying something for the first time and learning from it. A first job or internship can be a good example to connect with the idiom.

  • Flogging a dead horse

Someone is trying to do something otherwise impossible – then he/she is “flogging a dead horse”.

  • Green Thumb

If someone has commendable gardening skills, then he/she is born with a Green Thumb. To be born with a green thumb means he/she has an innate talent in gardening.

  • Raining cats and dogs

Most people have already come across the word “Raining cats and dogs”. When it rains cats and dogs, then it means that it is raining heavily.

There can be several other examples of idioms and phrases that are used to describe a situation in a more interesting way. So, it is suggested to go through various such examples of idioms and phrases since related questions can always be expected in the CAT exam.

Also, it is recommended to take different CAT Mock tests to analyse the preparation level and self-evaluate to properly strategize and work on the weaker sections.
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