Top Non-IIMs Accepting CAT Scores

The CAT exam is considered as the gateway to the top IIMs and other esteemed management institutes in the country. While IIMs are at the top of the cream, there are other colleges in the country that churn out the best leaders every year. Some of the Indian B-Schools encourage the diversity that allows candidates to come from various educational and cultural backgrounds. This healthy mix allows the candidates to become leaders with a better perspective and better personnel management capability across teams for the business.

Top Non-IIMs Accepting CAT Scores

Numerous Non-IIM Management Institutes rank high and are at par with the IIMs.Most of these institutes offer excellent pre-placement and placement. The curriculum is at par with top IIMs, including trimester-based examinations, projects, and group assignments. Non-IIM Institutes offer the best internship opportunity to highlight the real-life learning of peers. Candidates should keep in mind various parameters when choosing the right B-school. Proper research should be done so that the aspirants can differentiate among the B-Schools and apply for the ones that suit their passion and interests. Several Non-IIMs are providing effective curriculum and giving tough competition to a few new IIMs Here are some of the most important parameters considered for an institute’s reputation and rank.

1. Student’s Background and Diversity:

Peer-to-peer learning and promotion of healthy competition can happen only when the peers are academically inclined. Learning does not only depend on classroom training; outside learning and discussions also contribute a great deal in shaping up the career and personality of an individual. A man is known by the company he keeps; with this statement, the onus of getting the best students from applicants is on the authorities. . Group discussions and personal interviews are followed to select a capable candidate for the MBA program. These Non-IIMs have the best peers who learn to become great managers of any business.

2. Faculties:

The quality and background of the faculties is crucial factor when choosing the best B-school. Faculties with the right amount of exposure also bid well under the criteria. The best institutes always end up attracting and retaining the top-notch faculties for their schools. B-schools also have a mix of part-time and full-time faculty. Part-time faculties are the ones who provide the students with a great deal of exposure externally, as they are the interfaces that are coming from the industry directly. They also help establish contacts and networking opportunities for the students in the school that will help them post two years of the program. The faculties with the doctoral program help develop research opportunities within the industry and their respective subjects. Hence, the top Non-IIMs are evaluated on the basis of the faculties as well.

3. Placement record:

Placement rates are considered to be ranked among the top B-schools in India. A 100% placement record is something that most aspirants see on the portals and fliers of the B-school, but the authenticity of the statement should be checked and verified before choosing the B-school. The top institutes have been evaluated on the quality of their placement record.

Segmentation is done cluster-wise and while researching the institutes, the candidates will find overlapping B-Schools ranked by different magazines. This segmentation helps the student to apply to the B-school and safeguard themselves if one did not perform well in CAT and does not want to waste another year for the exam. The plan that one can go for is- 50% of the schools that meet one’s aspirations, below expected range could be approached and applied for in the next 50% of applied colleges.

The approach of applying to the best Non-IIMs is to take a CAT Mock Test and see how you perform in the exam. See the cut off list here and apply to the colleges to secure a point for the next round. The Non-IIMs to go for:

cut off list

The above compilation is based on the ranking released by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) in 2021. Hence, all the colleges are equally good and provide excellent opportunities to the students. Candidates can also check the top management colleges in India to know the latest ranking and other details of the best B-Schools in the country.

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