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Quantitative Aptitude Shortcut Techniques For CAT

Quantitative Aptitude is one of the three sections in the CAT exam, and you can expect 22 questions in the CAT exam every year. The section tests the numerical and problem-solving abilities of the candidates. Most of the questions in this section are related to basic Maths that individuals learnt in middle school.

In this section, the candidates get 40 minutes to complete 22 questions, which is just a little less than 2 minutes for each question. So, it is extremely important to get acquainted with some of the most important Quantitative Aptitude shortcut techniques to be able to tackle numerical questions more easily, quickly and effectively.

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Some important shortcut tricks for CAT quantitative aptitude topics are given here to help the CAT aspirants learn some easy shortcut techniques and be more comfortable with the questions in this section.

CAT Quantitative Aptitude Shortcut Tricks

Assumption Technique

This technique involves assuming simple values for the variables given in the questions and substituting them in answer options based on those values. Assumptions can help to speed up the process of evaluating the answer. An example is shown below.

Quantitative Aptitude Shortcut Techniques For CAT

Trick To Find Number of Factors of any Factorial

Quantitative Aptitude Shortcut Techniques For CAT

To Find the Squares of Numbers From 30-70

Quantitative Aptitude Shortcut Techniques For CAT

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To get familiar with more important tricks, access CAT shortcut techniques. CAT aspirants can also access the below-given links to learn some important shortcut tricks for the following Quantitative Aptitude topics.

After learning the shortcuts, it is extremely important to practise several previous years’ questions to get confident with their applications. Visit CAT Quantitative Aptitude Questions to get various practice questions from different CAT exam topics.

It is important to note that Quantitative Aptitude is extremely crucial as IIMs and other top MBA colleges use sectional cut-offs along with other criteria to shortlist candidates for further selection rounds. They even consider the weightage of the individual sections and give a score accordingly. So, it is important to prepare this section efficiently and attempt the related questions in the exam.

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