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How To Become a 99 Percentiler in CAT Exam 2023 in 60 days?

A score of 99 percentile in CAT 2023 is a pretty ambitious aim in itself. Adding to that, the time constraint of 60 days, you’ve set the bar really high. Although difficult, it is definitely an achievable goal.

Since you have set yourself up for such a challenging task, it can be assumed that you are comfortable with Maths and English, at least with the basics. It will be a lot easier if you have a good foundational understanding of these two subjects. Even if you are proficient in one of the two, it can be managed.

How To Become 99 Percentiler in CAT 2020 in 60 days?

So, let’s not keep you away from your goal anymore and head straight into strategies for becoming a CAT 99 percentiler in 60 days.

Stage 1: Day 1-20

A good place to start would be with the revision of foundational Mathematics and verbal subject topics from the CAT 2023 syllabus, followed by solving key conceptual questions for each topic. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of correct study materials at this stage. The old rote learning methods followed in school will not only stretch this stage from 20 days to forever by making you do redundant work, but also make you miss out on key conceptual points around which CAT often tricks even the most deserving aspirants.

For example, the BYJU’S CAT preparation tablet condenses the entire quant syllabus into 11 topics without losing any substance. With fewer concepts and methods to remember, candidates can become more efficient during actual test-taking. Also, instead of solving 100 random questions, solving fewer questions that touch key conceptual points is a smarter way to prepare efficiently.

Stage 2: Day 20-40

It is about time that you start solving more complicated, CAT-type problems. However, it is important to understand what exactly a “tough” CAT problem is. A tough CAT problem is nothing more than a question that requires you to apply more than one basic concept (which you studied during days 1-20) simultaneously or in succession.

A good place to start this practice would be from the question collection of a good CAT training institute (remember, quality matters much more than quantity) and then move to CAT previous years’ question papers.

Stage 3: Day 40-60

The last 20 days should be dedicated to test-taking practice and relaxation. If you have been preparing diligently during the first two phases, you would be naturally quite composed and stress-free now. Select good CAT mock tests and solve one test daily followed by a rigorous analysis of your strengths and weaknesses.

2 Months Golden Tips for 99+ Percentile in CAT Exam

BYJU’S Test series comes with instant feedback for your test-taking performance in terms of subject, speed and accuracy. So, you can relieve yourself of the responsibility of doing the manual analysis of your performance and maybe take an additional test every day. Keep a tab on the performance parameters and make sure that they improve to match the CAT requirements and then stay constant.

Before wrapping up, there is one more thing worth mentioning: once you have set your target, do not turn back. Doubts might creep in about the plausibility of success (99 percentile is a big deal, after all) and try to discourage you from putting in the effort. But do not surrender to them. Stay consistent and committed to your goal, and all will definitely be well.