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Things a Student Learn in an IIM

For an MBA aspirant, getting into any of the IIMs is of foremost importance. The IIMs are amongst the few institutes that shape the overall personality of the students. MBA aspirants can check the IIM list to know more about the different IIMs and their related details.

The plethora of things that you will learn at an IIM or any other B-School cannot be possibly put into words.  The two years you will spend at an IIM will improve you more than any other educational field.

Some of the important things that the IIMs teach their students are listed below. Most of these things help to improve skills and personality so that the students could match the industry standards and improve themselves to perfection.

Important Things That Students Learn in an IIM:

  • B-school makes you comfortable with discomfort

IIM makes you switch your mindset and makes you comfortable with discomfort. The moment you get comfortable you will stop growing. At IIM, you will be constantly projected to assignments and projects of all kinds. The sole purpose of all this is to make you familiar with discomforts of all kinds and broaden your work ethic horizon.

  • The strategy is to be different

Being unique is everything in this era of startups. The country is filled with entrepreneurs and you have to be different to make a difference. In the sea of diverse people at IIM, you will learn how to make a mark with your own unique set of qualifications, experience and viewpoints.

  • Teamwork is crucial

It is important to make sure that everyone you are working with is on the same page. At IIM, you get a lot of group projects, case studies and presentations. It is a very valuable skill that students pick up from the coursework. The business world is about working with others and so, it is an imperative skill. You will be subjected to various backgrounds and viewpoints right from your B-school days to your final job.

  • Boosts your confidence

At IIM your confidence will shoot up like never before. Once you become a part of some of the best students in the country, you take up every challenge with fresh vigour. IIM drills into you the required will and perseverance to take up and prove yourself worthy of any challenge.

  • Good communication is fundamental

The maturity level of using the correct word at the correct place is, in fact, one of the most important factors of IIM selection Criteria. However, once you get in, your communication skills will improve by leaps and bounds. Communication is what binds together every other skill that is required for the business world. Effective communication is significant for managers so as to perform the basic functions of management like planning, organizing, controlling and leading. IIM instils the skill of good communication in each of its students because it realizes that it is the crux of good business.

  • Connections are paramount

The connections you are going to make at IIM will be with you throughout your journey in the business world. At IIM, you will be exposed to some of the best students in the country, that too, from diverse fields.

Help people as much as possible and it’ll always come back. It’s not about what you know; it’s about who you know. – John Rampton, Host

These things that an IIM teaches are extremely crucial and you will find them relevant in every step you make in the business world.

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