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Tips to be Mentally Prepared for the CAT Exam

Mental health plays a major role in preparation for the CAT Exam. Half the battle is won if you have worked on your mental health during the course of your CAT preparation. Your best bet to ace the CAT exam 2023 is to prepare both on the academic front and your mental health. Being mentally prepared refers to being able to control anxiety and exam pressure, keeping your memory and concentration at their peak and not letting any question in the CAT exam get the better of you.

A few points to work on in order to optimise your CAT preparation are as follows:

Incorporate a Healthy Lifestyle

While it might sound like something with not much significance to your CAT exam, it’s not the truth. A healthy lifestyle constitutes a proper diet, regular sleep, meditation and exercise. All these collectively help boost your memory and concentration, which plays a very important role in your CAT preparation.

Focus on Your CAT Preparation, Not on Your Result

While you are preparing for your CAT exam, be sure not to get lost in your own sewn world about your results. It’s your preparation phase, and nothing should occupy your mind except your CAT 2023 preparation. Don’t focus on thoughts like, what if…, if this…, if not, etc. Give your best shot, and you will get your results.

Your Sole Focus – Your CAT Preparation

It’s a human tendency to think 10 steps ahead, whereas when it comes to your CAT, be sure not to think about anything except the exam. Your only aim should be to clear the exam. All the other stuff, including your past exam percentages and your profile, will play a role later only in your selection.

Establish a Routine

It’s a way to train your brain. Don’t tire it too much. Shift among the preparation of various sections so that your concentration level lasts longer. It’s a process that will help you increase your focus and be more attentive during your exam. Discipline is very important in your CAT preparation.

Focus More on Accuracy, Less on Quantity

The CAT 2023 Exam Syllabus covers a lot of topics. It’s okay if you are not too confident about a few of them. But make sure that instead of focusing on what you don’t know, you learn to increase the accuracy of your answers.

Strategise Your Approach

It is important to have a clear picture of what the exam is going to be and which way of attempting it will work in your favour. The best way to do it is by taking mock tests at regular intervals, as it gets you more accustomed to the actual test scenario. Only after regular practice, you can figure out the best way to approach the CAT exam.

Don’t Estimate Your Result on the Basis of Your Mock Tests

Having said that, mock tests play a major role in your CAT preparation, it’s equally important not to draw parallels between your mock results and your actual result. Don’t let your mock scores bring your zeal and enthusiasm down. It’s common for students to get more in their CAT exams compared to mock tests.

Time Estimation

In your mind, have a clear picture of how much time you want to dedicate to each section. Analyse the requirement of the time for each section and make sure you spend not more than what you have estimated. It will help you to stick with the time and complete your paper.

Take It as a Challenge, Rather than Stressing over It

While a lot of people tend to think of the CAT exam as a really tough paper, the truth is that the exam includes the basic topics that everyone has covered in their earlier classes. It’s the tricky presentation of questions that makes it appear difficult. What makes it worse is the constant stress that the candidates take over it. It will become interesting when you start looking at it more as a challenge than an exam.

Positive yet Realistic Attitude

During the preparation phase, there will be times you will feel like there is nothing more to do. It will appear like you have reached a dead end. You might feel it’s just something not meant for you. It’s important that you have the courage to pull yourself away from these negative thoughts and keep going with your CAT Preparation. Keep working hard without having unrealistic expectations. You can estimate how much you will score only when you have given your exam.

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