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IIM Interview Questions

In order to differentiate yourself from thousands of applicants who have scored more or less the same in the CAT to secure admissions in IIMs, and have pretty much the same credentials from schools, colleges (toppers et al), you need to access that extra edge. Most people wonder how to go through an IIM interview experience.  To get the answer you need to prepare yourself with the improbable IIM Interview questions and see how you respond to the extreme pressure at that moment.

There are usually 7 sets of questions frequently asked during an IIM interview. There are no hard and fast rules on the basis of which they ask questions.

a.      Academics

b.      Work experience related

c.       Economics and Business related

d.      Mathematics and Logical Puzzles

e.       GK and Current affairs

f.       Questions from your CV

g.      HR Questions

i) Academics:

If you are a fresher from your college. They can ask you questions based on your school education and graduation.

ii) Work experience related:

If you have considerable work experience, you will be preferably asked more questions on your relevant work experience. However, questions related to your graduation subject is always on cards.

iii) Economics & Business Related:

Here you will get a plethora of questions related to the general understanding of economics.  and keep updated on your business current affairs. This is a hot topic for them.

iv) Mathematics and Logical Puzzles:

They might surprise you by giving you to solve some puzzle or they might bombard you with mathematical questions.

v) GK and Current affairs:

Being updated with the current affairs of the world helps in many MBA exams, GD as well as in your PI. The panel always ask you some questions or your view related to any current world event.

vi) Questions from your CV:

Be dead sure what you have written in your form. There will be questions on that. Suppose you have written that your goal is to be an entrepreneur, then there will be questions on what business you are targeting, what will be your business model. There will be questions about your hobbies. So be thorough and prepared for anything which is filled in your form.

vii) HR Questions:

They will shoot you with a plethora of HR questions like Why MBA?, Preferred MBA Specialization, etc.

These were some of the most important IIM interview questions that might give a hard time to candidates if not prepared properly. Visit IIM interview tips to learn various important interview tips and get an edge over the other candidates. Stay tuned with BYJU’S to get more such CAT tips along with various engaging video lessons to learn effectively for the exam.