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What is the Best Strategy to Answer Management Exams?

Management exams like CAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP, IIFT etc. differ only slightly in their question paper patterns. Their underlying expectations of a potential management graduate are exactly the same:

Quick-thinking capability

Visit the list of MBA entrance exams to know about the different exams in detail. First, it is important to clarify some common misconceptions about management exams:

  • Smartness doesn’t necessarily equate to intelligence — Making smart and correct choices while answering has NO relation to a person’s intellect.
  • Level-headedness is a requisite ONLY while attempting CAT questions —It is an indispensable life skill that needs to be cultivated. It will help purposeful MBA candidates conquer their highest aspirations.
  • Quick-thinking abilities develop overnight — They need to be fostered with patience, perseverance and determination over a sufficient period of time.
  • Answering more questions is important to score a high percentile — It’s a completely false notion and has no effect on increasing your score whatsoever.

Now that you have effectively overcome your mental blocks and risen above any prior prejudices, you are one step closer to preparing for CAT Exam and other MBA entrance exams. The method of elimination is the most common top-down style of reasoning our brains are tuned to use. Its true potency can be unleashed in a number of tricky situations.

But how does this help an MBA candidate, especially to ace CAT which is touted to be one of the most overwhelming tasks to accomplish? The beauty of the elimination method lies in its simple and extremely powerful application to provide the extra edge above your competitors.

Trick For MCQs:

When it comes to answering the MCQs in CAT, begin by scanning through the sections to classify questions as easy, moderate or tricky. After you quickly solve the easy ones and progress to the moderate and tricky questions, the elimination method starts to show its effects.

The most dubious choices can be sent out the window immediately; this leaves you with fewer options to select from (possibly just two). Here, there is a bit of a catch; elimination still holds true but it would require your smart-thinking and a calm head to properly analyse the options and identify the actual differences between the remaining answer choices.

Use your fundamentals and all the practice that you have put in (expectantly) spaced over an appropriate and elaborate time frame to good use and no exam shall deter you. Comment below any CAT related queries and get complete assistance at BYJU’S.