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When is the Best Time to Begin CAT 2023 Preparation?

DAY-1 OR ONE DAY: You Decide

CAT Examination is definitely just an aptitude level test, but one thing CAT aspirants need to keep in mind is that only about 1% of total CAT aspirants make it to the higher level of 99 and above percentile. Please refer BYJU’S CAT College Predictor tool.

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Required Preparation Time According to:

  • Academic Records

CAT preparation may take more than a year for a CAT aspirant with a normal past scholastic record, 6-8 months for a student with a better-than-expected past scholastic record and 3-4 months for an aspirant with an amazing past scholastic record. As CAT is held in the month of November every year, at least a year before is the best time to begin your CAT preparation.

  • Competition

Applications are hitting record highs, and competition is getting stiffer with each passing year. In CAT 2016, ONLY 20 people scored a perfect 100 percentiles. Any general category student will have to score a percentile of 98 and above to secure a seat in an IIM of their choice. To obtain such a high score, you still need to invest 10-12 months for your CAT 2023 preparation sincerely.

Optimal Preparation Time for:

  • Working Professionals

As working professionals, meetings, work pressure and family obligations consume your time. Contributing brief time frames day by day and dividing out your responsibilities well early is the most intelligent choice to make.

  • Students

The life of a student isn’t simple either; juggling between part-time jobs, preparing for exams, attending classes and college events, doing assignments etc. All of these can hamper the CAT preparation of a candidate. It leaves next to zero time for their CAT preparation.

Considering the CAT pattern, too, every student or working professional must realise that learning all the 8th, 9th and 10th standard concepts again, along with a tightly packed schedule, is extremely crucial. So, they must start their preparations at least 365 days earlier to cover 65 topics that, basically, come to a calculation of an average time of 5 days per the topic of the CAT Syllabus, including basic learning along with tricks, techniques and a lot of practice.

On the off chance that you are a genuine CAT/MBA aspirant, beginning your planning well in advance is the way to progress.

When is the Best Time to Begin CAT Preparation?

It is absolutely critical that you make utilisation of the ENTIRE year before CAT and begin your preparation at the most punctual.

The right guidance, the correct approach to preparation, and the most effective techniques to crack CAT are all an MBA aspirant needs to ace the CAT. At BYJU’S, video lessons on various CAT exam topics are provided to help the candidates achieve their dreams of cracking the CAT and joining their preferred management school.