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When to Take CAT Mock Tests?

When to Take CAT Mock Tests

The above step in the way of CAT Preparation is to check your territories of concern and to distinguish your quality to chalk out an likewise arrangement for the actual CAT exam day. The best procedure to do as such is clearly by taking Mock tests.

It gives a chance to answer exceptionally essential inquiries identified with CAT Mock tests and throw some light on the ranges of most extreme significance.

Are Mock Tests Copies of the Real Test?

Many out there trust that mock tests are a copy of the genuine test as they are comparable in the example and introduction. However, to be valid, the mocks never imitate the real test; rather they endeavor to impersonate its capriciousness all the more nearly and that makes you sufficiently certain of confronting everything without exception on the exam day.

Know How to Attempt Mock Test by watching the below videos:

What is the Perfect Time to Begin Taking CAT Mock Test?

There are diverse phases of taking mock tests while getting ready for the CAT. Those phases are mentioned here along with their importance and best test-taking approach in each of the phases.

1. First Stage

The first mock test should be given before you begin your planning. This causes you to comprehend where you stand, the paper design and most importantly the current competition level of the exam. You will know to some degree the kind of inquiries alongside your solid and frail ranges. This will enable you to design your planning where you to need to concentrate more on your frail ranges.

2. Second stage

This comes over the span of your preparation. You can keep in touch with one mock test a month. The thought is again to strategize your planning and to amend any mistakes you are doing while you design your readiness.

3. Third stage

The third stage comes 4 to 6 months before the exam (relies upon when you have begun getting ready) when you should take one mock test in every seven days. Here, writing mock tests is to tweak your planning. There will be new ranges that you will go over while writing mock tests.

4. Fourth stage

This comes around 2 to 4 months before the exam. Here you can take 2 to 3 mock tests in every seven days. Concentrate on building technique for the exam. One can build the recurrence as you come nearer to the exam. In any case, abstain from settling 1 mock a day as it won’t help you much. It won’t give you adequate time to dissect and enhance your shortcoming.

5. Fifth stage

This stage is 1 to 2 weeks before the exam. Here you decrease your readiness to 2 Mocks per week. Concentrate on analysing your past Mock tests.

How Frequently Would it be Advisable to Take Mock Tests?

Applicants who begin taking the mock tests takes no less than twice every month in the underlying times of planning. The individuals who take a Mock test in the wake of setting up a bit, give one mock test each week.

Independent of that, it is good to take a few CAT mock tests for every week. At that point, whatever remains of the days ought to be used for analysing, amending the mistakes and planning for the successive mock tests.


With this information, any CAT aspirant can properly plan and take mock tests more appropriately. The candidates are suggested to keep visiting BYJU’S and get various practice questions and solved sample papers to prepare more effectively for CAT exam.