API Full Form

What is the full form of API?

The full form of API is the Application Programming Interface. API is a collection of protocols, routines and software-building apps. In essence, an API explicitly says how software elements should communicate. Furthermore, APIs are used while configuring GUI (graphical user interface) components. A robust API simplifies the creation of a system by offering all of the basic building blocks. A developer then assembles the blocks.

Various types of APIs

Operating systems, apps, or websites have several various types of APIs. For example, Windows has several API collections that are utilised by the device hardware and software; when an individual copies and pastes text from one app to another, it’s the API that enables it to function. The four main kinds of APIs are

  • Public or open APIs – Such APIs are freely available and accessible to the public and are not limited.
  • Partner APIs – These APIs are not publicly available. Therefore you need extra privileges or permits to use them.
  • Private or Internal APIs – These APIs are usually intended for use within the company and can only be accessed via internal operations. An organisation can use this API form to develop its services and products throughout various internal units.
  • Composite APIs – These APIs merge various data and service APIs. It is a series of tasks that operate as a result of implementation synchronously and not on a task request. The primary purpose of this type of API is to accelerate the instruction execution cycle and enhance user functionality on the web application.

Examples of APIs

The lists of several most famous APIs are:

  • Twitter APIs
  • Google Maps APIs
  • Flickr APIs
  • YouTubeAPIs
  • Amazon Brand advertisement APIs

Benefits of APIs

  • APIs are excellent usages since they can insert requirements to the device without composing the complete code themself.
  • APIs can be prosecuted to access application data.
  • APIs are valuable for device configuration and enhancement.
  • These maintain a high speed of application functionality.

Limitations of APIs

  • As a gateway, getting hacked is most susceptible.
  • If it has been hacked, other device apps are immediately vulnerable to attack.
  • The system may crash while testing an API.
  • An API is complicated to manage.


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