ASP Full Form

What is the full form of ASP?

The full form of the ASP is Active Server Pages. ASP is a server side Web building scripting engine. It is generally a server page which includes embedded programming. On the Windows server, the programs are being processed. In general, the ASP server-side engine involves the process of interpreting and performing the ASP document and then returning the document to the user. It is essentially a web-based platform that seeks to create dynamic web pages for programmers. ASP will contain both scripts and standard HTML as well.

A brief history of ASP

  • ASP was first implemented as part of IIS (Internet Information Services) 3.0 as ASP 1.0 in December 1996.
  • Later its subsequent models labelled ASP 2.0 and ASP 3.0, appeared in 1997 and 2000.
  • There have been some extra features in ASP 3.0, so ASP 3.0 improved its efficiency.

Applications of ASP

  • HTML modes sent ASP ‘s approved query to the system.
  • Unlike Perl and CGI, ASP is straightforward and makes a significant open speed for use.
  • In the browser, ASP script is protected, making ASP secure and unable to access it.
  • Through incorporating additional details, ASP will change the content of the web page.
  • ASP can manage access to all information forms, and that will report back to the user.

Benefits of ASP

  • ASP decreases the code line to construct complicated functions.
  • It has smart caching systems.
  • ASP is independent of language and any language can be used to encode it.
  • ASP is significantly faster than most other programs.
  • Nowadays, ASP is often used.

Limitations of ASP

  • There is indeed a lot of ambiguity in the pages and there are some qualitative issues.
  • Everything relies on IIS(Internet Information Services) and is, therefore, troublesome.
  • It does have limited resources for debugging & development
  • ASP does not have actual state control.


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