BCG Full Form

What is the full form of BCG?

The full form of BCG is the Bacillus Calmette-Guerin. It is a vaccination against tuberculosis; it helps to build tuberculosis resistance. The vaccine was invented by Albert Calmette & Camille Guerin, two French bacteriologists. It was first used for the treatment of a child who had tuberculosis by Dr Weil-Hale in 1921. Approximately 320 babies were vaccinated with BCG over the next three years that is up to 1924.

The Vaccination is provided to children and individuals at greater risk of contracting tuberculosis, like individuals living in regions of the world infected by TB or kids with one or more parents who are infected by TB or born in the nation affected by TB. It is also granted to people with bladder tumours or cancer of the bladder.

How does BCG perform?

  • The Vaccination is a weakened strain of Mycobacterium Bovis, a kind of TB-causing bacteria.
  • When administered in the body, the vaccine activates the immune system in reaction to the bacteria without really triggering the infection.
  • Antibodies stay in the body which safeguard against other bacteria from future diseases.
  • Thus, the Vaccination allows our body to develop antibodies against TB bacteria which provide tuberculosis immunity.

Care and safety for BCG

  • The Vaccination must be administered after a doctor’s appointment.
  • For about 24 hours, maintain the vaccine area clean & dry.
  • If the vaccine area begins to ooze, use a dry dressing, including gauze.
  • People can use a sterile alcohol swab to clean the region if necessary.
  • Do not use any ointment, band-aid, antiseptic cream, and so on.

In certain persons, this Vaccination may cause complications. It involves individuals who are,

  • Before an individual had TB
  • If an individual is suffering from HIV
  • Have a positive result for Mantoux
  • Have poor immune systems because of an underlying illness
  • Women who are pregnant.


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