CEO Full Form

What is the full form of CEO?

The full form of the CEO is the Chief Executive Officer. The CEO indicates the high position in a company or organization and is in charge of the management and administration. CEO is perhaps the most senior administrative or executive officer concerned for running the company as a whole and its revenue. The CEO of the organization directly reports to the Chairman or Board of Directors.

The CEO is responsible for creating changes through the application of policies and encouraging, motivating and inspiring the employees. A great deal of work ethic, experience, and knowledge about business networking is required to be a CEO. In the nonprofit and government divisions, CEOs typically strive to achieve outcomes related to the purpose of the company, such as poverty reduction, increased literacy, etc.

Eligibility criteria

  • There is nothing an identical and comprehensive educational credential required for the role to be the CEO of any company or corporation.
  • The CEO is the leading position in a company or organization picked by a company’s board of directors
  • Much of it is observed that a large number of CEOs have a degree in science, law or engineering.

Key responsibilities of CEO

  • A CEO makes each significant business decision.
  • He provides a stable working and operating environment.
  • He supports, motivates and inspires the employees of the company or enterprise.
  • A CEO is making changes in policy, tactics and business strategy.
  • He leads all the business activities.
  • He assigns the roles and duties to its subofficers
  • The CEO assists with recruiting members of the Council.
  • The CEO advises or recommends a yearly budget, which controls and manages the organization’s capital, intelligently and sensibly.


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