CGPA Full Form

What is the full form of CGPA?

The full form of CGPA is Cumulative Grade Point Average. For schools and colleges, CGPA is used to measure the overall academic achievement of a student by awarding A, B, C, D or F grades. CGPA is a calculation of the average grade point obtained in all subjects except in additional subjects as per the study scheme. In India, the grading system depends on the percentage obtained, and it differs from country to country, depending on their ideals and institutional approaches.

Method of calculating CGPA from Percentage

Steps for measuring the percentage of marks as given below

  • Topic-wise percentage of marks = 9.5 ✕ Subject GP
  • Overall, Mark Percentage = 9.5. ✕ Overall CGPA.

Example: Let us consider a student who has a 7.9 CGPA in total. The overall percentage of the student can be calculated as follows.

Overall Mark Percentage = 9.5. ✕ 7.9

Overall Mark Percentage = 75.05 %.

Indian CGPA system is given in the table below. This may slightly differ for different universities and different courses.

Marks Obtained Numerical Grade Letter Grade Category
≥90 10 O Outstanding
<90 ≥80 9 A+ Excellent
<80 ≥70 8 A Very Good
<70 ≥60 7 B+ Good
<60 ≥50 6 B Above Average
<50 ≥45 5 C Average
<45 ≥40 4 D Pass
<40 0 F Fail




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