COB Full Form

What is the Full form of COB?

The full form of COB is Close of Business. COB is also known as the EOD (end of the day) or (EOB) end of business/ (COP) close of pay /(EOP) end of pay. It indicates the point in duration when a business is being closed for a day. For instance, if your work starts at 9:00 am. & closes at 6:00 pm then you might classify as COB at 6:00 pm.

COB has no enforceable or legal value and its definition may differ from one industry to another. For instance, it is used in the capital sector to refer to the close of a business day. Timing of COB also varies from nation to nation, as well as from sector to sector. Generally in the US, COB is at 5:00 pm and generally in the United Kingdom, it is at 5:30 pm.


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