CSS Full Form

What is the Full form of CSS?

The full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. It is enabled by browsers and is specifically designed to distinguish the document’s content from the report’s appearance. It explains how to show HTML elements on display. For web designers, it is a powerful tool to adjust the design & control of web pages to demonstrate how they should be viewed.

A brief history of the CSS

  • CSS was built in 1996 by the World Wide Web Consortium.
  • Cascading in CSS means several style sheets may be added to a single web page.
  • The extension used to save CSS files is “.css”.

Framework of CSS

Pre-defined libraries are CSS frameworks, which include

  1. Cascade Framework
  2. Bootstrap.
  3. Blueprint
  4. Foundation

Features of CSS

  • In CSS, a global style sheet could be used so that users can perform any improvements in the style without trouble and take less space.
  • One external style sheet can be produced and used to design several websites.
  • You can connect a different style sheet to a web page by modifying one line.

Benefits of CSS

  • It enables you to describe a design for each feature of HTML. Each style can be applied to as many web pages as you like.
  • You can easily configure the formatting of documents and keep different documents consistent.
  • It enables formatting to be shared among several pages, reducing the data transfer size, and helping to load pages faster.
  • It provides independence from the web and supports new browsers as well.
  • It has more features for representation than HTML. It enables you to boost the appearance of your HTML files better than just using presentational features and properties of HTML.


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