DSC Full Form

What is the full form of DSC?

The full form of DSC is the Digital Signature Certificate. DSC is a protected digital key provided by the certifying authorities to verify and confirm the identity of the individual keeping such certificate. Digital signatures use the authentication of the public key to build the signature. DSC contains information on the user’s profile, pin code, nation, email address, certificate issuance date and the certifying authority’s name.

Types of DSC

The type of client and the purpose for which the DSC is acquired determines the Class of DSC to be applied. The three types of DSC are

Type 1 Certificates

These are given to the person or private users that are used to verify that perhaps the recipient’s name and contact details from the clearly specified subject area in the certifying agency ‘s database.

Type 2 Certificates

These are issued to the director or signatory authority of the organizations for e-filing with ROC( Registrar of Companies). Type 2 certification is mandatory for people who have had to sign manual documents when submitting ROC returns.

Type 3 Certificates

These certificates are used for online participation or bidding at online tenders & e-auctions all around India. Sellers wishing to participate in online bidding should have a Type 3 digital signature certificate.

Advantages of DSC

  • It can be used to verify personal details and knowledge of an entity when doing business online.
  • You can sign a digital format of a PDF file and start sending it to the receiver, rather than signing and scanning a hard copy of the file to mail it. In reality, it is not mandatory for the owner of the digitally signed certificate to physically present a company for the approval.
  • Everywhere in India, these documents are used for online participation or bidding at e-auctions and online tenders. Vendors wishing to engage in online bidding must have a Class 3 digital certificate.


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