ICDS Full Form

What is the Full form of ICDS?

The full form of ICDS is the Integrated Child Development Services. ICDS is a government organisation in India that serves food, preschool, primary education and healthcare, health check-up, immunisation, and referral facilities for children under 6 and their mothers. The plan was established in 1975, withdrawn in 1978 by the Morarji Desai government, and then restarted by the Tenth Five-Year Plan. The scheme is also applicable to lactating women and pregnant women.

ICDS Objectives

  • Improving the health and nutritional status of children younger than six years.
  • Carrying out interventions for children’s social, physical & psychological growth.
  • Reducing death rates, illness, infant malnutrition & school dropout rates.
  • Improving the health of mothers and making them aware of addressing their child’s education and nutritional requirements via appropriate health and nutrition education.

Service offered by ICDS

Through ICDS, the following programs are provided to help attain its objectives,

  • Supplementary nutrition
  • Referral services
  • Immunisation
  • Pre-school (Non-Formal) Education
  • Health and nutrition information
  • Health inspections.


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