ILFS Full Form

What is the full form of IL&FS?

The full form of IL&FS is Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services. It is India’s largest infrastructure growth and finance business. Its mission is to take part in the nation’s growth and prosperity through the development of pioneering high-standard technology and the provision of innovative financial products to India’s customers.

In 1987, it was established & supported by CBI (Central Bank of India), HDFC(Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited) and UTI (Unit Trust of India).

Service offered by IL&FS

A few of these segments and their corresponding firms are listed below:

Financial service

  • ITCL (IL&FS Trust Company Limited )
  • ORIX Auto Infrastructure Services Limited
  • IL&FS Financial Services Limited
  • IL&FS Investment Managers Limited

Technology service

IL&FS Technology Ltd

Infrastructure Services

  • Noida Toll Bridge Company Limited
  • IL&FS Environmental Infrastructure and Services Limited
  • IL&FS Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited
  • IL&FS Education and Technology Services
  • IL&FS Transportation Networks Limited

Various projects of IL & FS

IL&FS has undertaken various projects in various sectors, such as transport, power, e-governance, water, urban infrastructure, finance, education, etc.


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