IMA Full Form

What is the Full form of IMA?

1) The full form of IMA is the Indian Military Academy. IMA is a highly respected Indian Army Officer training academy. As of September 4, 2017, Lieutenant General Sanjay Kumar Jha is the Commandant of the IMA. The key theme of IMA is Valor & Wisdom.

Below are the standard examinations through which an individual can enter IMA.

  • CDSE Examination
  • NDA Examination
  • TGC (Technical Graduate Course)

Physical eligibility required to join the IMA

A few of the specific physical criteria to Join IMA are listed below,

  • Strong physical & mental health
  • Should not suffer from bones or joints disease
  • Generally developed chest with an extension of 5 cms
  • No signs of illnesses linked to organ
  • No skin illness
  • Defects in the sample of urine should not be observed
  • 2.4 km for men in 10 minutes, and 13.50 minutes for women.

A brief history of IMA

  • IMA’s was founded in 1932.
  • IMA’s first batch had 40 Cadets of Gentlemen as trainees. Those cadets were known as “PIONEERS.”
  • IMA’s first Commander was Brigadier L.P. Collins. A trainee candidate is recognized as a gentleman cadet in IMA.
  • IMA ‘s place is at the Himalayan foothills, on National Highway 72, about 8 km west of Dehradun, Uttarakhand.
  • The academy occupies an area of more than 1400 acres of land.
  • Only for the male applicants training are given and turns them into officers in the army.
  • Not only does the academy educate applicants for the battlefield, but it also offers physical equipment and facilities to prepare potential officers in the military.

2) Another full form of IMA is the Indian Medical Association. IMA is a global voluntary corporation of Doctors of Advanced Medicine system based in India. It is a group of Physicians enrolled under India’s Societies Act. The most significant task of IMA is to look after the needs of the interest of physicians & the welfare of the community. Dr Anil Jain is the current National President of IMA since 2019-20.

It is a well-established and reputed company in the present time. Its headquarters are based in New Delhi and its branches in all the Indian states and union territories. IMA participants include more than 2, 15,000 physicians.

A brief history of IMA

  • IMA as All India Medical Association was established in 1928.
  • It was changed to Indian Medical Association in 1930.
  • It hosted the 3rd World Conference on Medical Education in New Delhi in 1966.

Main functions of IMA

  • Promoting and advancing the medical and the associated sciences
  • Expanding and improving Indian public health and medical care
  • Strengthening the integrity of the healthcare industry and encouraging collaboration between IMA members
  • Abolition of medical education and emergency healthcare compartmentalization.

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