LINUX Full Form

What is the full form of LINUX?

The full form of LINUX is Lovable Intellect Not Using XP. Linux was built by and named after Linus Torvalds. Linux is an open-source operating system for servers, computers, mainframes, mobile systems, and embedded systems. Requests from device software are handled by Linux and relayed to computer hardware.

Linux is scalable, stable, safe and serves wide users in the community. For almost any imaginable file type, Linux is compatible and, therefore, can operate on a broad range of devices. Linux is a multiprogram operating system that ensures that multiple users with different access rights can use the same tool and many applications can run on it simultaneously.

Features of LINUX

A few characteristics of LINUX are listed below.

  • Linux can operate on various types of hardware, so Linux is transportable.
  • Linux is open-source, so it is open to use, and developers may also try to improve the Linux operating system’s features.
  • It’s a multi-use operating system so multiple people may use the model.
  • Linux is secure, as it offers secure passwords and data encryption.
  • Linux is multi-programming, as multiple programmes can be run simultaneously.

Benefits of LINUX

  • An extensive range of file formats is compatible with Linux.
  • Linux is cost-free, so it is conveniently downloadable and used by people.
  • Every day it is changing as people can make improvements to the Linux system.
  • Since they are relatively safe, the Linux system hardly crashes.
  • Linux may not gather any user information, so the privacy of information is guaranteed.

Limitations of LINUX

  • Linux does not support some hardware drivers, which is a disadvantage of Linux.
  • Linux’s command-line design is rigid for new learners to use.
  • For the Linux operating system, specific graphics software is not available.
  • There are no regular versions of Linux, which makes it hard for users to select the right edition for their requirements.


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