Mbps Full Form

What is the Full form of Mbps?

The full form of Mbps is Megabits Per Second. Mbps is an Internet network bandwidth indicator where bandwidth is the internet connection transfer limit. It is the average speed at which files can be downloaded from the web into your smartphone or device.

The higher Mbps, the faster files are downloadable from the internet. The term download here is not only about downloading something onto your computer from the internet. The documents have to be downloaded to the browser even while you are browsing the web. Higher bandwidth means that files are more comfortable to reach.

Difference between Mbps and MBPS

The full form of Mbps is Megabits Per Second. The full form of MBPS is Megabytes per second.
Mbps provides the broadband connection speed. MBPS provides the size of the document.

How do you convert bytes to bites?

Mbps means the transmission of 1 million bits or 1000 kilobits per second of data. A megabit is about 1/8th of a megabyte.

  • 1 byte is equal to 8 bits
  • One kbps is equal to 1000 bits
  • 1 Mbps is equal to 1000 kilobits
  • 1 Gbps is equal to 1000 megabits


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