MCB Full Form

What is the full form of MCB?

The full form of MCB is Miniature Circuit Breaker . It is a kind of electronic switch that functions automatically. It can detect a problem occurring inside a circuit by identifying the extreme amount of current flow in the circles. If there is a large amount of power available in the loop, it can break the loop any moment. The fuses are often used as a substitute for the MCBs. However, the MCBs are a better choice, because it needs to be reset by users and it starts working again. It is designed to protect against faults caused by overheating.

Functions of MCB

  • MCB is created to safeguard from defects in excessive current and overheating.
  • When the current crosses the defined limit, MCB automatically switches off and the loop breaks.
  • The circuit MCB has to be manually switched on to reactivate
  • If the circuit overheats MCB trips within 2sec -2 minutes.

Advantages of MCB

  • Up to 100Amps of MCB are used in motor feeders.
  • MCB management is much easier for both electrical devices and humans compared to fuse.
  • In MCB, the faulty wire goes from the original location, which makes the identification of faults much smoother.
  • Using a knob, it offers a better interface.
  • MCB can be reused, and thus it is cheaper than the fuse.
  • MCB is much more sensitive to current.
  • Users need to press the button to restart it.

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