MRI Full Form

What is the full form of MRI?

The full form of MRI is Magnetic Resonance Imaging. MRI is also known as NMRI (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or MRT (Magnetic Resonance Tomography). MRI is a diagnostic imaging technique used in radiology to display more information about the internal body structures clearer than X-Ray. It can be used to create representations of the anatomy and physiological functions of the body in both illness and health.

How Does MRI Work?

The majority of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners have the form of large tubes. When you lie down inside an MRI scanner, the magnetic field causes the water molecules in your body to rearrange themselves temporarily. These aligned atoms emit tiny signals when exposed to radio waves, which are then utilised to make cross-sectional MRI pictures, which are analogous to slices cut through a loaf of bread. Also, the MRI device can produce three-dimensional pictures, which may be examined from different perspectives.

Applications Of MRI

  1. MRI is used in medical applications. MRI accurately detects health problems and illnesses in the human body.
  2. MRI can be used to treat brain tumours, heart attacks and strokes, head or neck injuries, brain and spinal cord defects, joints and bones, liver and other stomach problems, women’s uterine irregularities, etc.

Comparison between MRI scan and CT scan

CT scan Stands for Computed Tomography Scan. MRI is a better option than CT scanning as it creates more preferable images of the body’s internal parts and does not reveal the patient or technician to potentially dangerous radiation. In contrast, CT Scan does have this threat.


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