RADAR Full Form

What is the Full form of RADAR?

The full form of RADAR is Radio Detection And Ranging. It is an electronic device that provides microwave segment or ultra-high frequency of the radio spectrum to identify obstacles to control the area of the spot or range of an object. It may also be used to explore or identify an operational object’s speed as well as regulation.

It had been secretively planned and produced by several countries during the Second World War. In 1940 U.S. navy described the word RADAR.

Working principle of RADAR

  • RADAR works by sending an electrical signal, which is transmitted via the environment.
  • On pulse track, objects recognized as targets will disperse nearly all the energy, but few are diverted back to the RADAR.
  • If the targets then scattered signals combine into the receiver to develop a strong signal as distributed radiation would go into it.

Applications of RADAR

  • Radars have a wide range of usage in military operations. They are used in Naval, Ground as well as Air defence purposes.
  • RADARs are used to track and detect satellites and spacecraft.
  • RADARs are used for safely controlling the traffic in the air. It is used to guide aircraft for proper landing and take-off during bad weather conditions.
  • Law enforcement, especially highway police, has extensive use of RADARs during a pursuit to measure the speed of a vehicle.

Benefits of RADAR

  • Radar can pierce mediums like fog, clouds, snow and mist.
  • Signals from radars can pass through isolators.
  • Radar can accurately locate an object.
  • The Radar will assess the target speed.
  • Radar can aid in measuring an object’s distance.
  • The disparity between stationary and moving targets can be determined by Radar.
  • Radar signals do not require a carrying medium.

Limitations of RADAR

  • Radar requires a substantial amount of time to set a lock on an entity.
  • Radar also has a wider beam size over 50 ft diameter.
  • The Radar has a restricted 200 ft range.
  • Numerous objects and mediums may interact in the air with Radar.
  • Radar can not discern multiple targets, or come up with a solution.


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