SSLC Full Form

What is the full form of SSLC?

The full form of SSLC is the Secondary School Leaving Certificate. SSLC is a certificate that the students receive after completing their study of secondary school level. It is generally a qualification exam which is most common in India for enrollment to higher secondary school. Students may receive the Secondary School Leaving Certificate after clearing the class 10 public examination usually referred to as grade 10 board exams.

In India, the schooling system is categorized as

  • The first five years of the education system is called primary schooling.
  • The next five years that is from 6th to 10th grade is known as secondary schooling.
  • After 10th grade that is 11th and 12th is known as pre-university or high school, after this class, students can apply for a degree course.

The SSLC certificate was used as the primary form of proof for date of birth during the period when registration of death and births was not compulsory in India. The people who were born before 1989, 10th marks card is considered as evidence for DOB. SSLC is common in international marketplaces, which is a general examination of qualification and also in several states in India, especially Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Education opportunity after SSLC Examination

  • After obtaining SSLC grade, a student may be eligible for a higher secondary or pre-university that is generally called in India as +2 educational sector.
  • Upon passing the 12th-class exams, students can apply for any bachelor’s degree courses for undergraduates at any university as per student choice.
  • On the other hand, after receiving the SSLC, a student chooses to or agree to be enrolled in a technical training college where an individual may be skilled for professional careers.
  • The other alternatives include joining polytechnic for a three-year engineering diploma course and then seeking an engineering degree in advance.
  • There is an option to enter vocational educational programs after a student completes SSLC.
  • SSLC or its similar are needed these days for job objectives to obtain a passport under the Indian Government.

Importance of SSLC

  • When birth and death documentation was not mandatory in India, the SSLC certificate was used as the primary identification framework for the date of birth.
  • Those people who were born before 1989, according to the MEA website are still a legitimate way for the Indian civil authorities to verify the date of birth to issue public papers such as passports.


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