UNDP Full Form

What is the full form of the UNDP?

The full form of UNDP is the United Nations Development Programme. It operates intending to eradicate poverty and prevent discrimination and exclusion in more than 170 countries. It allows communities to develop strategies, leadership qualities, and collaboration skills, and create resilience to sustain sustainable development.

An administrator who manages a 36-member Executive Board of both developed and developing nations are heading the UNDP. Its head office is located in New York City. The UNDP has been working in India since 1951, primarily in all aspects of human progress, including structures and institutional strengthening, employment creation, renewable resources, livelihoods, resources and resilience.

The primary focus of UNDP

The UNDP has supported over 100 countries in removing more than 67,000 tonnes of ozone-depleting substances every year while reducing CO2 equivalent emissions of greenhouse gases by 5.08 billion tonnes. It is also a participant in the HFC project of the Coalition. Several HFC pollution evaluations and risk assessments in developing countries to monitor and address the use of hazardous HFCs have been funded. UNDP focuses on three key areas that require various sources of assistance

  • In all its types and dimensions, eradicating poverty
  • Speed up systemic improvements for environmental sustainability
  • Weather & disasters to resistance


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