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AWT Full Form

What Is The Full Form Of AWT?

The Full Form Of AWT is Abstract Window Toolkit.

The Abstract Window Toolkit is a platform-dependent API used to develop GUI (Graphical User Interface) or window-based applications in Java. Basically, the AWT is a member of the Java Foundation Classes – the approved API implementing a GUI for a Java program.

History of AWT

It was introduced by Sun Microsystem in 1995. It is created by the system’ host OS and contains a large number of classes and methods, which are used for creating and managing GUI.

Attributes of AWT

  • It is a collection of essential user interface elements.
  • It comprises several editing tools like imaging, graphics, and more.
  • It utilizes window-system controls.
  • It provides functionality to incorporate colors, shapes, and font classes.
  • It is robust.

Advantages of AWT

  • It requires limited memory for the development of GUI and other executing programs.
  • It rarely crashes because it is exceptionally stable.
  • The performance of AWT is high because it is dependent on the operating system.
  • It is extremely user-friendly due to its easy interface.

Disadvantages of AWT

  • Some important components are missing like tables and trees. They are generally utilized in desktop applications.
  • Shortage of component features due to which the button does not support the pictures.
  • Extensibility is not possible as it is platform dependent.


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