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DQL Full Form

What Is The Full Form Of DQL?

The full form of DQL is Data Query Language.

DQL is a part of the grouping involved in SQL (Structures Query Language) sub-languages. The SQL sub languages have four major categories, DQL, DDL, DCL, and DML. TCL is also sometimes argued for being a part of the sub-language set. The DQL statements perform queries on the data and info within schema subjects. It gets the schema relation on the basis of the query that gets passed to it.

DQL is basically used to retrieve data. It consists of commands that do so. A user can feasibly retrieve the data in accordance with their requirements using a single command: select. Meaning, the Data Query Language used for information retrieval is the SELECT statement (retrieval from the database).

Applications of DQL

  • It helps with the analysis of queries.
  • DQL retrieves information and data from the database.
  • It uses a single command: select.
  • DQL modifies the index structure.
  • It can also modify the database tables.

Advantages of DQL

  • Almost every query involves the usage of one single command: select. Thus, the language is not very complex for understanding and implementing.
  • The DQL language is case insensitive. Meaning, the select command would still work when written as SELECT.
  • This command makes it easier to retrieve data. The process is not complicated.
  • One doesn’t require coding for using the data query language.
  • This domain language works for communication with databases.
  • Users can receive answers to complex questions in no time by using DQL.

Disadvantages of DQL

  • SQL cannot work without the select command from DQL. Thus, this language is a prerequisite to using the Structured Query Language.
  • It is more complex to interface to a DQL database than adding a few coding lines.
  • The operating cost may sometimes be high. Some programmers can’t access DQL due to it.

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