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DRDA Full Form

What Is The Full Form Of DRDA?

The Full Form Of DRDA is Distributed Relational Database Architecture.

DADA is a set of protocols that permits multiple database systems and application programs to work together. When DRDA is used by any combination of relational database products, the database can be combined to form a distributed database management system. DRDA defines what and how the data should be exchanged and executes proper communication between the systems.

Components of DRDA

  • Application Requester: Application Requester maintains the connection by accepting the SQL request from the application server and sends it to the appropriate application server. This function also helps the application program to access remote data.
  • Application Server: The request from the application requester is received and processed by the application server. The application server takes the action on the portion of the requests that can be processed and also reminds the database servers for further processing.
  • Database Server: It accepts the request from the application and other database servers. The distributed request is also supported by the server and it also forwards parts of the request to the database server to process further.

Advantages of DRDA

  • The data is stored in one location, thus it reduces data redundancy.
  • DRDA provides security by giving access to authorized users and eliminating data redundancy.
  • DRDA provides data integrity.
  • It allows multiple systems to access updated and the latest data.
  • DRDA ensures resource management by making it convenient for the user to process and store the data easily.

Disadvantages of DRDA

  • The database design is very complicated and a bit difficult to understand.
  • The cost factor is another disadvantage in DRDA.
  • Complexity is another issue while processing large data.


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