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FDDI Full Form

What is the full form of FDDI?

The Full Form of FDDI is Fibre Distributed Data Interface.

FDDI is a set of data transference methods meeting the ANSI and ISO standards. This transmission occurs on the fibre- optic lines in LAN (Local Area Network) and can be extended to operate up to 124 miles (200 km). The FDDI convention is set on the token ring protocol. As part of the expansion, apart from the geographical growth, the FDDI neighbourhood region also supports thousands of clients. Ordinarily, FDDI is used on the spine for a WAN (Wide Area Network),

Meanwhile, the FDDI network constitutes two token rings, one as a possible backup for if ever the important ring falls flat. The primary ring has the capacity to hold up to 100 Mbps, while the secondary ring, if it’s not to be used as a backup, can also store data, thus increasing the capacity to 200 Mbps.

Specifications of FDDI

  • Throughput of FDDI is 100 Mbps data
  • Includes two interfaces
  • Used to link the equipment to the ring across huge distances
  • FDDI is defined as a local area network with station management
  • Incorporates synchronous and asynchronous classes of data

Advantages of FDDI

  • Fibre optic cables that enable the transmission of signals across the noteworthy distance of about nearly 200 km.
  • Request is raised at the work stations linked to the chain for the requirements
  • According to the prerequisite usage, some stations are avoided in order to deliver quick benefit for the rest
  • FDDI employs several tokens to meet the speed requirements
  • Transmission capacity is high at up to 250 Gbps
  • It can manage data rates of up to 100 Mbps
  • FDDI provides complete security as it becomes more troubling to spy on the fibre-optic link
  • The cable is fibre-optic and will not break as easily as the other cables

Disadvantages of FDDI

  • Because of its complexity, the setting up and support calls for an extensive bargaining of the skills
  • Since the fibre optic cable, connectors and the concentrators are very expensive, the FDDI will also cost a lot

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