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How Many NAT Questions in GATE Exam

How Many NAT Questions in GATE Exam: This is a question that gets asked often. Knowing the exact number of Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions in the GATE exams and understanding the marks’ distribution for each question is a way to score well in the exams. Comprehending the question paper format and type of questions helps the candidates to prepare more effectively for the GATE exams.

The examination mode for GATE is a 3-hour-long computer based test (CBT) and GATE exams also include 29 papers, as of 2023. The total number of questions in each paper is 65, where 10 are from the General Aptitude section and 55 questions from the subject.

Know How Many NAT Questions in GATE Exams

These 65 questions are spread across different question types such as Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Multiple Select Questions (MSQs) and/or Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions. However, we do not know exactly how many NAT questions are there in GATE exams. Meanwhile, the Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions will carry either one or two marks each. No choices are given for these types of questions.

As per last year’s mark’s weightage for some subjects, the 65 questions were divided into 30 1 mark questions and 35 2-mark questions. Also, for 1 mark MCQs, 1/3 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer, and for 2 mark MCQs, 2/3 mark will be reduced. Zero marks are to be awarded for unattempted questions. However, there will be no negative marking for Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions.

So, after getting an idea about how many NAT questions appear in the GATE exams, you can understand better how to prepare for the exams, more effectively. You will also find all the resources such as GATE Syllabus, books and previous year papers and details about the exam, at BYJU’S.


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