L2TP Full Form

What is the full form of L2TP?

The Full Form of L2TP is Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol.

A computer network protocol that conforms to the standard is designed to support the VPN connection and tunnel traffic over an IP network. L2TP incorporates the most acceptable specifications of the two tunneling protocols, such as Microsoft’s Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) and the Cisco System’s Layer 2 Forwarding (L2F). While it includes all the characteristics of PPTP, it is passed over IPsec, a Layer 3 type of encryption protocol.

What are the Features of L2TP?

  • Compatible with the updated operating system, L2TP can be easily configured and installed
  • Performance is constant or fixed even on unstable connections, thus making it easy to protect
  • More compatible for remote connections
  • L2TP is not encrypted, but is normally applied with the IPsec authentication suite
  • When paired with IPsec, it employs UDP ports 500 for IKE – Internet Key Exchange, 4500 for NAT, and 1701 for L2TP traffic
  • LT2P is steady on different networks and operating devices

What are the Benefits of L2TP?

  • Saves the information from manipulation by hackers during transmission between sender and receiver
  • Data has the need for a shared key or some digital signature before passing it
  • Very cost-effective with no overhead price even post implementation
  • Connection is very efficient
  • Reliable with no performance issues even over unstable network
  • Enable encryption over authentication process to protect the information from hackers
  • L2TP employs a packet-switched network and so has endpoints on various machines
  • Long distance costs were thus removed as it was possible for the connection to stop at a local circuit concentrator
  • Enabled for functions such as online shopping, where security is of utmost importance

What are the Limitations of L2TP?

  • Require double encapsulation
  • Speed of transmission is slower in comparison to other protocols
  • High usage of CPU by L2TP also result in slow speed
  • Easily blocked by firewalls, since communication is via UDP
  • LT2P is not encrypted on its own and has to rely on IPsec for security

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