OLTP Full Form

What is the full form of OLTP?

The Full Form of OLTP is Online Transaction Processing.

A data processing method that carries out transaction-oriented tasks, OLTP plays a crucial part in business intelligence, thus helping with decision-making. The online transactions and processing of queries are executed with the help of the database systems. This constitutes real-life functions like banking, purchasing, accounting, and so on. Therefore, OLTP with high performance is utilized widely by IT professionals.

History of OLTP

  • 1970- IBM launched OLTP and made it operational for American Airlines
  • OLTP was at first operating on IBM 7090 computers
  • OLTP then started to function on credit card companies, banks, hotels, and so on.

Characteristics of OLTP

  • The requirements on OLTP systems are high availability offerings incorporated with the ones offered by the SQL server
  • Information in the OLTP systems are stored at the transaction level
  • Features a normalized design for the database
  • OLTP functions well using significantly less quantity of information
  • It is helpful for small transactions
  • Response time is significantly less in OLTP systems

Advantages of OLTP

  • OLTP is quicker and more accurate
  • It can operate huge quantity of information
  • Compatible with calculations that are complex
  • User-friendly and very easily to operate
  • Very efficient with fast response time

Disadvantages of OLTP

  • The system is likely to be vulnerable to cyberattacks or hacking
  • If ever there is an issue with hardware or some failure of power, there is a probability of information loss
  • It becomes difficult to manage multiple requests simultaneously
  • The excess load may result in hanging of servers

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