PnP Full Form

What Is The Full Form Of PnP?

The Full Form Of PnP is Plug and Play

PnP stands for plug and play. It is a part of a window that facilitates a system to adjust to hardware changes with minimum interference by the user. Basically, the purpose of PnP is to make the PC, drivers, hardware devices, and operating system work mutually and automatically without user interference. To make this process smooth, it is mandatory for all the elements to be Plug and Play compatible.

Computer monitor, Webcam, Keyboard, Mouse, USB flash drive, etc are some of the examples of PnP.

Properties Of PnP

  • PnP helps in maintaining the hardware connectivity with the automatic device detection and configuration.
  • It can easily connect to a device, or you can insert a card into a system. Once you insert a card, it will automatically be acknowledged and configured to work in the system.

Benefits of PnP

  • Plug and Play are bestowing different features to the device. Through this phenomenon, vendors can create completely different and versatile products.
  • Clients will have incredible versatility.
  • With PnP you don’t have to face the issue of hardware conflicts and loading drivers manually.

Limitation Of PnP

  • Sometimes the working framework becomes too complex, and it gets hard to arrange the gadgets.

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