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RJ Full Form

What Is The Full Form Of RJ?

The Full Form Of RJ is a Registered Jack.

It’s nothing but a standard configuration of the telecom network interface utilized for associating voice and data equipment. One of the main advantages of enrolled jacks is to associate different data equipment and media transmission gadgets or telecommunication devices with administrations given by telephone exchanges like long and short-exchange carriers.

RJ History

Registration interfaces were designed by the Bell System controlled by a 1976 Federal Communications Commission for making an order of standard interface for consumers and telephone exchange organizations.

Types of RJ

RJ-11: RJ-11 is a four-wire or six wire telephone-type connector (Registered Jack) that joins phone lines with divider plates. Fundamentally, it is situated in houses and workplaces where old phone wired frameworks are linked with the Internet Service

RJ-11w: Here ‘w’ represents a divider mount. RJ-11w is an extended version of RJ-11. It acts like a connector for plugging a phone into the wall

RJ-14 : RJ-14 is similar to RJ-11. This one is made for 2 lines and 4 lines separately.

RJ-21 : RJ-21 is a communications and networking interface that utilizes a cable of twisted wire pairs and the end of the cable has a 50-pin connector.

RJ-25 : RJ-25 is a connector wired for one telephone line. It can hold six wires for up to three telephone lines.

RJ-45 : This one is the most appropriate enlisted jack that can make the association for both unshielded bent pair (UTP) and protected contorted pair (STP) cabling in star-geography of ethernet organizations. It is one of the fundamental enlisted jacks with a 8-wire phone type connector utilized with curved pair cabling for associating PCs and its lines, divider plates, fix boards, and different sorts of systems administration parts.

RJ-48 : RJ-48 is a data communications interface that utilizes a cable of twisted wire pairs and an 8-pin jack. It utilizes a similar plug and socket as RJ-45, but the pinouts are different. Basically, it is used in LANs (Local Area Networks).

RJ-61 : RJ-61 is somewhat similar to RJ-11. It is a physical interface that uses eight connectors.


  • Have the ability to operate with surfaces by mounting them with designing interfaces.
  • Have the ability to build cross-association for two frameworks.

Advantages Of RJ

  • When it comes to installation, a Registered Jack is very simple to install.
  • The security level is very high in registered jack.
  • The connection speed of RJ is higher with interface modularization.

Disadvantages Of RJ

  • RJ can only be used for the slightest networks.
  • The mobility is limited.
  • They always need certain wiring and equipment.


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