RTC Full Form

What is the Full Form of RTC?

The Full Form of RTC is Real-Time Clock. (source: wikipedia)

An electrical device that helps in counting the passing of time is known as a real-time clock. When it comes to RTCs, they are practically present in every piece of electronic equipment that requires maintaining an exact time of day. However, the term RTC is often used for personal computers, servers, and embedded systems.

More About Real-Time Clock

A real-time clock (RTC) is a computer clock mainly built as an integrated circuit and is used for timekeeping. Of course, it helps in keeping track of the hours, minutes, seconds, days, months, and even years. RTCs are present in any electronic device that would need accurate time controlling, including personal computers, servers, and embedded systems. It is important for a computer to be capable of continuing operating even when the system’s main power source is turned off, whether through a battery or something else.

Advantages of Real-Time Clock

  • RTCs are more accurate compared to the software clocks.
  • The usage of a self-reliant power source enhances frequency stability and power consumption.

Applications of Real-Time Clock

  • RTC modules are present wherever a device needs to use real-time and accurate time.
  • From PCs and servers to consumer products and internet of things gadgets, real-time clocks are used in a wide range of electronics.
  • In robotics, RTC is very useful in calculating accurate motion.
  • RTC is used in various electrical and electronic projects.

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