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SSID Full Form

What Is The Full Form Of SSID?

The Full Form Of SSID is Service Set Identifier

The SSID is a 32 character unique ID and is used to provide a name to a wireless network. When a large amount of data travels in the network and when multiple wireless networks overlap at a certain location, there are high chances for the data to get lost. Thus, in such a situation, the SSID makes sure that such data should reach the proper and correct destination.

Sometimes, the SSID refers to a network name. When you have multiple independent networks existing in the same physical area, it helps to connect your device to a specific network. In the network, each set of devices communicating with each other is called (BSS) basic service set. When multiple BSS join, it forms one logical WLAN segment known as (ESS) extended service set. The ESS is given 1-32 byte alphanumeric names and is called (SSID) service set identifier.

Characteristics of SSID

  • The SSID is a unique identifier that helps to establish and maintain the connection.
  • The SSID consists of 32 alphanumeric and case-sensitive characters that help to establish a secure connection.
  • SSID helps to differentiate amongst the network.
  • SSID has its security when it is open with any kind of network.

Advantages of SSID

  • When a large amount of data travels in the network, it has a high chance to get lost. In such cases, the SSID makes sure that the data should reach the correct location.
  • If both the WLANs have the same SSID, then the roaming becomes efficient.
  • The SSID provides security while establishing the connection amongst the devices.
  • The SSID differentiate a WLAN to another WLAN.

Disadvantages of SSID

  • There are many network sniffing tools available through which any hacker can find your SSID even if you are not broadcasting it.
  • Most people use travel passwords while the encryption is strong. Through this password, network access becomes easier.
  • The SSID consist of publicly visible or coded messages


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