Gay Lussacs Law Calculator

Gay Lussac’s Law Formula: PiTi  = PƒTƒ 

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The Gay Lussac’s Law Calculator is an online tool which shows Gay Lussac’s Law for the given input. BYJU’S Gay Lussac’s Law Calculator makes calculations of Pressure and Temperature, simple and interesting. If any three input is given then it can easily show the output for the unknown value.

Pi/Ti = Pf/Tf

How to use Gay Lussac’s Law Calculator?

Here, the steps are given to use the calculator based on Gay Lussac’s Law, to find the unknown quantity.

Step 1: Enter the given values in the input fields such as Pi ,Ti ,Tf

Step 2: Mention the unknown quantity as x. Say Pf= x

Step 3: Click on “Calculate x” button to get the result

What is Gay Lussac’s Law?

Gay Lussac’s law is also called pressure law. This law states the absolute pressure is directly proportional to the temperature. When the gas of constant amount is present in a closed and rigid vessel, then the relationship between pressure and temperature of the gas is measured through Gay Lussac’s law, under the condition that the volume of gas remains constant.  The relationship between pressure and temperature is given by:

Pi/Ti = Pf/Tf

where Pi and Ti are initial pressure and temperature

and Pf and Tf are final values of pressure and temperature.


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