What are the main objectives of the PESA Act?

The objectives of the Panchayats (Extension to the Scheduled Areas) PESA Act are as follows:

  • To extend the provisions of Part IX of the Constitution relating to the panchayats to the scheduled areas with certain modifications. 
  • To provide self-rule for the bulk of the tribal population.
  •  To have village governance with participatory democracy and to make the Gram Sabha a nucleus of all activities. 
  • To evolve a suitable administrative framework consistent with traditional practices. 
  • To safeguard and preserve the traditions and customs of tribal communities. 
  • To empower panchayats at the appropriate levels with specific powers conducive to tribal requirements. 
  • To prevent panchayats at the higher level from assuming the powers and authority of panchayats at the lower level of the Gram Sabha. 

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