Selina Concise Chemistry Solution for ICSE Class 10 Chapter 10 Study of Compounds – Nitric Acid

Selina Class 10 Chemistry solutions for chapter 10 Free Download

Nitric acid is one of the most important compounds that is used in the manufacture of many industrial as well as commercial products. Thus, it is crucial for science students to study about nitric acid and gain proper knowledge early on. Selina chemistry textbook chapter 10 basically captures the essence of this topic and students mainly learn about the laboratory method of preparation of nitric acid from potassium nitrate or sodium nitrate in this chapter. Furthermore, this chapter guides students to study the experiments in terms of reactant, equation, setting, product, condition, diagram, precaution, and collection. To gain a deeper insight into the fundamentals of this chapter students can download concise chemistry class 10 ICSE solutions for chapter 10 – nitric acid provided here. These solutions can help students in solving difficult questions and get familiar with all the experiments and diagrams. Students will further find all the answers to chapter questions and they refer to these solutions to complete their assignments, revisions and perform excellently in the exams.


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