Effective Methods to Simplify Your Learning Process of ISC Class 12

Effective Methods to Simplify Your Learning Process of ISC Class 12

An individual learning session can be successful only if it gets you cumulative result. While you are studying, it is imperative to make your learning process fruitful and efficient. Many students are found complaining about difficulty in papers and tests that are misleading. Let’s discuss some of the scientifically proven learning practices that will make these tests as easy as a walk a cake.

Stress has a positive aspect as it motivates us and inspires to achieve the desired results. Although sometimes the ICSE exams can be tedious and cause stress levels to go over the limit, which can refrain us from performing our best.

There are a bunch of things that you can do to help yourself get through these stressful times and study accordingly.

Spaced Practice –  Spaced learning is one of the most efficient learning styles. It is human nature to forget, and we cannot help it, therefore, to refresh all the topics; it is important to go through them continually after intervals. “We learn through practice, little and often” are the famous words of Ebbinghaus.

Chunking – One of the easiest practices while learning is Chunking. “Chunking the text” means breaking the text into smaller parts. Be aware of your capabilities and set your amounts. Then Chunk up the study materials in reasonable portions and use them to make the most of your time. Students can work on chunking texts with friends or on their own. Depending on student’s capability, the lengths of chunks can vary.

Know when and where you work best – Everybody has a different body clock. Some people work at night time while others are early morning people. Maybe you like it to be tucked into your sheets with your books sit on a tidy desk or in a library. Wherever you feel you are in control is the best place for you to deal with exam stress.

Get to know how much time you have and make a timetable. There are some subjects that you understand naturally while there are others you need to allot more time to. Vary your timetable so that you do not get bored. Keep updating it as you go along keeping pace with it.

Have a healthy balance diet – Evaluate yourself physically. Get enough sleep, eat healthy food and move around. Since we are human beings and not machines, you need to give sufficient time to yourself to recover from all the effort you are putting in.

Stop Multitasking – You may feel that you are working more by texting about the concept with your friends at the time of studying at the same time, but according to the proven fact, multitasking while studying lowers the effectiveness of learning and grasping process.

These are the scientifically proven effective approaches to simplify your learning style, and would make you feel the changes and positive results if applied on a regular basis and made a habit.

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