Importance of ISC video lectures for class 12


Printed textbooks came into existence with the discovery of printing technology. It was a revolution in the field of education because the host of information that was stored during the entire of mankind was available to common people.

Learning meant the transformation of information into knowledge. Methods of teaching also changed with time. Now the teachers started to spend more time on explanation rather than helping students to memorize the topics.

You might be aware of studying with the help of powerpoint presentations, authoring tools etc.

The way of learning is also getting changed with the with the advancement of technology, now most of the students are studying with the help of interactive videos lessons.

Let us explore the advantages of video lessons in teaching and training.

Easy to access : With videos lectures, students can learn anywhere from their mobile devices: smartphones, laptops, tablets.

Availability: No need to worry about schedules, missing lea mobile applications are available 24*7, now one can study and take test anytime they want.

An opportunity for self-study – Now students don’t have to visit coaching centers for studying, they can study the same thing while sitting at their own place. No need to spend time on traveling, the time students used to spend on visiting coaching centers can now be used to do something creative.

Increase in knowledge retention: Since video lectures can be stopped and replayed as many as needed. They can also be reviewed long after the initial lesson was taught.

Videos increase student engagement: These videos are made in such a way that student will feel like they are watching a cartoon or just an animated movie.

Video lectures are for the students to learn in an enhanced way and enjoyable approach, keeping in mind the purpose of resources of the future generation.

This advancement has achieved many positive reviews and feedbacks and lots of students have shown its importance by their results.

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