ICSE Schools: KISA Talent Search Exam 2016

The sample questionnaire designed by the Karnataka ICSE Schools Association (KISA) for a talent search quiz programme for students of class 1 shocked both students and parents. The questions were way too tough for a kid studying in std 1.

ICSE Schools

What is Yutu? What is naval exercise between India and Sri Lanka? Name the new president of Tanzania?

The question is, Whether the paper was set up for a school going nursery kid or an IAS aspirant?

PT Joseph, Member of Committee told ‘The Hindu’, that “Last year, many students scored well in the test. Hence, we decided to raise the standard this year and included difficult questions. Many of the difficult questions in the current affairs section will not be in the exam paper. We set question papers as per the academic level of the students.”

This angered many parents who were not satisfied with the questions pattern. “Seems like it has been mindlessly made difficult for the sake of it. 1st std kids can’t even understand those questions…” Manohar Seetharam, a Twitter user, commented. Many parents showed their anguish through social media. Sahana Rao, whose daughter was enrolled for the exam shared her anguish through Twitter and also shared questions. Have a look at it.

Many agreed to her saying even graduates would find hard to answer these questions. “Our education system is so flawed. We still encourage rote learning. No wonder innovation is hard to find!” Raj Rao, a Twitter user, commented.

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