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Formula: Impulse (I)= Force (F)* Time ChangeT)

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The Impulse with Time Calculator is an online tool that computes the value of unknown quantity. Through this calculator we can calculate the value of Force, Time changed or Impulse, provided the other two value are known. BYJU’S impulse calculator with time makes calculations simple and quick.


Impulse = Force x Time Change

Force = Impulse/Time Change

Time Change = Impulse/Force

From the above three formulas, we can calculate any unknown quantity provided the two quantities are known.

What is Impulse?

Impulse is determined as integral of force with respect to change in time.

How to use Impulse with Time Calculator?

Let us understand how to use the calculator to find the value of force or impulse or time change.

Step 1: Mention the two known values in the input fields

Step 2: Mention ‘x’ for the unknown quantity

Step 3: Click on “Calculate the unknown” button to get the result

Step 4: The required answer will be displayed in the output field

Solved Examples

Q.1: Calculate the value of Impulse when time and force are given.

Force = 20 N and Time change = 30 s

Solution: As we know,

Impulse = Force x Time Change

I = 20 x 30

I = 600 kg-m/s

Q.2: Calculate the value of Force when impulse and time change are given.

Impulse = 520 kg-m/s and Time change = 20 s

Solution: As we know,

Force = Impulse/Time Change

F = 520/20

F = 26 N

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