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Inverse Variation Formula

Inverse variation is the relationship of two variables as variable increases in its value as the other variable decreases and vice-versa. In other words, as the mathematical expression the relationship between two variables whose product is a constant.

The Inverse Variation Formula is,

\[\large y=\frac{k}{x}\]

Solved Examples

Question 1: If y varies inversely with $x$ and when $y=100$, $x=30$. What is the value of $y when $x=10$ ?


y = 100
x = 25

The inverse variation formula is,



$k = 100 \times 30$

k = 3000

x = 10
k = 3000

y = $\frac{k}{x}$

y = $\frac{3000}{10}$

y = 300

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